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muziek - Amstel Quartet & Keuris Quartet - cd-presentatie

15 februari 2020

Prachtstuk voor acht saxofonisten dat de luisteraar onderdompelt in een mystieke act, de verbeelding aanwakkert en onbekende emotionele omstandigheden opent.

The "Todos los fuegos el fuego" is a unique musical work. Never before have two saxophone quartets collaborated on a piece of such difficulty and length (85 min.) with the usage of the saxophones from the soprano down to the bass saxophone.

The "Todos los fuegos el fuego” project was initiated by two Dutch saxophone quartets - Amstel Quartet & Keuris Quartet and composer Maxim Shalygin. With this project, creators want to expand the possibilities of saxophone performance and contribute to the creation of an international saxophone repertoire.

The piece was inspired by “Todos los fuegos el fuego”, arguably the most enigmatic book by the great Julio Cortázar. All the short stories in this collection share an entrance into a parallel, magic reality, sometimes near to ours, sometimes strikingly different from it. Suite’s overall structure consists of eight parts, performed by eight saxophone players — as many as there are stories in the book. The saxophone is chosen for a reason, since, for all his knowledge and passion for music, jazz claimed the most of Cortázar’s attention. Jazz, and accordingly the sound of the saxophone, was his muse and a constant presence in many of his most well-known fiction.

Foto: Grycko Visuals


Plaats De Duif
Tijd20:00 uur
Toegang €12,50 – €19,50
Categorie: Cultuuragenda, De Duif