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lezing - Barbara Ehrenreich on Optimism

Lezing georganiseerd door SPUI25

21 november 2018

Schrijver en journalist Barbara Ehrenreich, winnaar van de Erasmusprijs 2018, in gesprek met comedian en interviewer Raoul Heertje over haar werk. Engelstalig.

By her own account, Barbara Ehrenreich has a highly attuned ‘bullshit radar’, and over her career she has frequently attacked the cult of positive thinking. As she experienced first-hand, positive thinking plays an important role in healthcare, which she tellingly described in her celebrated book Smile or Die. According to the rules defined by fellow patients on internet forums, a breast cancer diagnosis would only improve her life.

In her recent book Natural Causes, Ehrenreich examines the resistance to growing old. She describes how we have scarcely any influence on that irreversible process, and we would be better off abandoning our fixation on health.

Humour and a sense of perspective are her weapons of choice in attacking positive thinking. Raoul Heertje talks to Ehrenreich about her optimism and realism.


Plaats De Duif
Tijd19:30 uur
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