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lezing - Bea Dominic -The Art of Intimacy

5 april 2018

Expand your life with deeper Intimacy.

A talk about how you can expand your life with deeper intimacy. 

It is often a common misunderstanding that commitment and deep intimacy will take your freedom away. 
Bea Dominic does not agree, her experience is the opposite. The deeper your dare to go in intimacy, the more freedom you will experience, at every level of your life.

This is a talk about intimacy, about how it is connected to deeper polarity, passion, your life purpose and your freedom.


★ How you can use your intimate relationship as a platform to start living in deeper intimacy with life
★ Intimacy is more than sex
★ The common misunderstandings of David Deida's 3 stages
★ How to end drama and manipulation for real
★ How to deal with co-dependency
★ How to hold space 
★ What has my Life Purpose to do with intimacy

This is for people in all kinds of relationships, or no intimate relationship. 

The talk is 2 hours.

Bea Dominic is an international Speaker and Facilitator. A mentor for women and couples who courageously want to look at their lives and their relationships. She inspires people around her to stop compromising and to step into their power and start to live their lives fully.



Plaats Schellingwouderkerk
Tijd19:30 uur
Toegang € 20,-