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divers - Comedy show Dragoljub Mićko Ljubičić

7 september 2019

Comedy show van een van de populairste comedians uit de Balkan. 

After the summer break, Svemir Zeka production/Space Bunny production will host one of the best stand up comedians who extensively appeared on radio, TV and theater in the Balkan region.

Dragoljub Mićko Ljubičić is a fan favorite as a co-creator, co-writer and one of the main characters from the ultra popular comedy show Indeksovo Radio Pozorište/Index’s Radio Theater which originated during politically charged and very sensitively tense times in Yugoslavia, and stood out with their bold, unabashed, sarcastic, and edgy comedy for those days. 

Mićko is also an author of several best selling books, worked on films, was successful as an entrepreneur in marketing, and was even a member of a couple of popular Belgrade rock bands. 

Presently he is working on a popular tv show PLJIŽ which has very high ratings. 

However, he admitted that nothing compares to the direct contact with live audiences as well as performing live on a stage where his heart is. 

That’s the reason Mićko will perform in front of Amsterdam audiences his ultra popular cabaret play “One Stvari/About Those Things”, with which he had an enormous success with over one hundred performances in the Balkan region and abroad.


Plaats De Duif
Tijd20:00 uur
Toegang € 35,-
Kaartverkoop , aan de deur
Categorie: Cultuuragenda, De Duif