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spiritueel - Delight Yoga presents: the Inner Peace Conference

7 oktober - 8 oktober 2017

Delight Yoga organiseert voor de tweede keer op rij op verschillende Stadsherstel-locaties een tweedaagse Yoga-conferentie, namelijk in De Duif, Amstelkerk en de Vondelkerk. Voertaal is Engels. Open your heart with Yoga, clear your mind through Meditation, inspire your being with Wisdom and awake your soul with Music.

Throughout history, wisdom, meditation and yoga have functioned as keys to open our hearts and clear our minds for inner peace. We are therefore humbly honored to host the first Inner Peace Conference in Amsterdam - a conference aimed to share and exchange valuable and inspiring practices and teachings.

The city of Amsterdam has always played its part on our ever-unfolding path of awakening. It has functioned as a sanctuary for independent thinkers, writers, innovators and artists, resulting in a cultural melting pot with an open and curious attitude.
For this reason, we feel this is fertile soil for finding truth and playing with life.

We would love to unite and practice with you in Amsterdam’s most inspiring spaces. We will come together in beautiful churches and iconic places to open the heart with Yoga, clear the mind through Meditation, awake the soul with Music and inspire our being with Wisdom.

Inner peace leads to World peace - so your presence is highly appreciated.

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Plaats Amstelkerk, Vondelkerk, De Duif
Tijd10:00 uur
Toegang v.a. € 99,-