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muziek - From Coimbra with Love

24 februari 2018

Portugees concert georganiseert door Fado ao Centro.

Across Mondego river waters, over Santa Clara’s bridge, we can see a timeless City, as old as the Portuguese language. That language for all of us is still one of the most valuable assets. Coimbra and its music are still the capital of love in Portugal and Fado ao Centro ensures this past, present and future tradition. In this show, without parallel, we’ll be carried to the bosom of a genuine Coimbra Serenade.

Fado ao Centro® is a Portuguese Cultural Project, developed by musicians committed to promote Fado from Coimbra. Fado from Coimbra is a unique and powerful style of music and song. In 2011, UNESCO granted Fado World Heritage status.The voices of Coimbra fado are exclusively male and most belong to current or former students of Coimbra’s prestigious university. The university connection is reinforced by the singers and the accompanying guitarists wearing the traditional black capes that are synonymous with student life. 

Eventbrite - Concert "From Coimbra with Love”



Plaats Amstelkerk
Tijd20:00 uur
Toegang € 18,- (excl. servicekosten bij online verkoop)
Kaartverkoop aan de deur