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spiritueel - heartfire

Kundalini workshop and Sacred Chant Concert by sacred chant artist Ajeet Kaur. ‚Äč

10 november 2017

We feel grateful to welcome the amazing sacred chant artist Ajeet Kaur in Amsterdam at the magical Vondelkerk for a Kundalini workshop and Sacred Chant Concert. Joined by her soulsister Sukhmani Kaur Rayat on tabla and her soulbrothers Raffa Martinez on percussion and Ezra Landis on guitar.

With her beautiful voice & her radiant presence she will touch your soul deeply and set your heart on fire. It is their second European Tour and they are just as excited as we are!

‘From the first note, Ajeet Kaur’s voice feels like the warmth of the earth rising through your body, creating a sense of inexplicable peace that helps you suddenly relax in a knowing that you are connected to every living being through this sacred sound.’

What a bliss to host an evening full sacred chanting.

Please bring your yogamat, blanket and bottle of water to the workshop.

You are welcome to a magical evening full of chanting, connecting and dancing

Tickets: Workshop: early bird €35,-/presale €40,-/at the door €45,- Concert: early bird €25,-/presale €30,-/at the door €35,- Combi: presale €50,-/at the door €60,-


Plaats Vondelkerk
Tijd17:30 uur
Toegang zie boven
Kaartverkoop aan de deur