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spiritueel - Irene Sportel en Jose Antonio Manchado: Tibetan Singing Bowl & Mantra Concert

17 maart 2018

Na een uitverkocht healing concert tijdens de Inner Peace Conference 2017 zijn Irene Sportel en Jose Antonio Manchado terug in De Duif.

During this concert, you lay down on a mat, cover yourself with a blanket and allow the healing vibrations of sound wash through you. Jose and Irene sing and play music from the heart, using ancient instruments like singing bowls, gongs and drums, as well as more modern instruments like handpan and guitar.

It’s a revitalizing experience where we can sense and feel the benefits of the vibrations of these ancient instruments. Just by closing your eyes and letting go.

The sound of harmonization will bring along multiple benefits and has a healing power. It stimulates and revitalizes the immune system, deepens the connection to your true essence or Self, works as an effective treatment when you’re suffering from stress and depression, it brings you in a deep relaxation, it alleviates insomnia, brings clarity of mind, it increases the ability to concentrate, it revitalizes the cells and organs of the physical body and it has the ability to relieve muscle- and headaches. Every reason to give this a try…

The singing bowls and gong therapy is a unique experience in which we discover our inner sound allowing us to balance and harmonize our body, mind, and spirit.

Practical details:
Date: March 17th
Time:  20.00 – 21.30
Exchange: 30 euro
What to bring: a yoga mat (or sleeping mat) and a blanket

How to sign up? Soon the ticket sale will start on the website of Delight Yoga:
If you want to get access to the pre-sale, which will start soon, leave your name and email address here

Jose Antonio Manchado
Jose Antonio Manchado was born in 1976 in Lanzarote, Spain. He is sound therapy instructor (Tibetan singing bowl, gong and modern sound), Inner growth instructor, self-development trainer, Tibetan energetic healing instructor, lecturer, firewalking instructor ánd the author of the book “Be Happier than the Dalai Lama”.

Since 1998 he has been in constant practice and learning using several Masters (Monks, Tibetan Buddhist lamas and Zen in the fields of meditation, healing, sound therapies, therapies and vibrational energy. He has been specially trained in the study and practice of Meditation (Shinee and Shamata), mindfulness meditation, relaxation techniques, mental purification, Hatha Yoga, with different teachers including Akong Rinpoche, Lama Sangye, Sogyal Rinpoche and Jorge Diaz.

He has been organizing and participating in various retreats and training events Tibetan and Zen Buddhist. He currently performs workshops, conferences, retreats, fear liberation workshops, meditation, healing seminars and healing concerts like this one on the conference.

Irene Sportel
After having finished her Medical degree, Irene (1985) worked as a doctor for a couple of years. As she felt she was bumping into the boundaries of Western Medicine, Irene quit job in 2013 and traveled to Byron Bay Australia for a Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Rachel Zinman. She met herself on a deeper level and re-discovered her passions: healing and music!  Back in Amsterdam she started working as a yoga teacher. In 2015 she did a Yin Teacher Training with Jose de Groot and started teaching Yin Yoga with great enthusiasm. Through Jose Antonio Manchado she learned to practice Tibetan Energetic Healing (Shin-do) in 2014, in which she found the depth and simplicity she was looking for in healing. In private sessions, she now helps others to find and heal the emotional cause of disease. Irene also organises mantra concerts, mantra singing circles, yoga and music retreats and Yin in Concert workshops.


Plaats De Duif
Tijd20:00 uur
Toegang € 30,-
Categorie: Cultuuragenda, De Duif