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muziek - Iro, the Artista

28 november 2017

Iro: her voice, her piano: join her musical journey with many beloved melodies.

Iro is coming to Amsterdam for the first time, bringing along her voice, a piano and many beloved melodies. With a new album and an acoustic repertoire, the audience will have the chance to join the 'Artista' on a musical journey to different decades, genres and languages. She wishes to bring Greeks but also the friends of world music together and share with the audience emotions and secrets, as she always does. 

She will be 'accompanied' by famous Greek - and not only - composers and artists, such as Manos Hadjidakis, Mikis Theodorakis, Mimis Plessas, Whitney Houston, Stamatis Kraounakis, Yasmin Levy and many more. At the end, music is an element that unites people beyond borders and national considerations.




Plaats Amstelkerk
Tijd20:00 uur
Toegang € 14,-