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muziek - Italian Accordion Academy Concert

12 juni 2020

New music for classical accordion between transcription, composition and improvisation

The Musicians of the Italian Accordion Academy

Przemek Wojciechowski
Lia Ceravolo
Iñigo Mikeleiz
Artemis Vavatsika
Carlo Sampaolesi 
Valerie Barr


Dario Calderone (doublebass) 
Claudio Jacomucci (accordion)
Ned McGowan (flutes)
Simone Spinaci (guitar)

An original, innovative and fresh dive into the extensive possibilities of an amazing instrument, the accordion. Curated by an astonishing team of experts—Silvia Borzelli (composer), Giuliano Bracci (composer), Ned McGowan (Flutist, Composer & Non-Western Techniques expert), Dario Calderone and Simone Spinaci (musicians and improvisers), Kathleen Delaney (Alexander Technique Teacher and Performer)—this music program will take you along transcription, composition and improvisation.

The project is conceived by the foremost accordionist Claudio Jacomucci, founder and director of the Italian Accordion Academy, and will be performed by six young musicians who will display their multi-faced talents in the impressive Amstelkerk flanked by Calderone, Jacomucci, McGowan and Spinaci themselves.

photo credits: Americo Salvatori, VPRO, Hari Adivarekar.


Plaats Amstelkerk
Tijd20:00 uur
Toegang € 17,50