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muziek - Josipa Lisac

2 februari 2019

Concert van de unieke Kroatische artiest Josipa Lisac in De Duif.

"A dreamer with eyes wide-open" and an incorrigible idealist, yet at the same time a visionary and a brave innovator, Josipa Lisac is a unique phenomenon of the music scene. She says of herself that she is terrified of mediocrity and banality and her whole life is dedicated to finding new, original and often shocking conceptions, which always and everywhere seem attractive, interesting and provocative. In a sentence: Josipa Lisac is like no other''

As an extraordinary musically gifted child, at the age of 10, she became a member of the Croatian National Television choir. While singing the serious musical repertoire, from the old sacral, classical and modern avant-garde, to folk-traditional music, she acquired her first and then richer musical education. Although she was brought up on Monteverdi, Bach, Beethoven and Britten, soon she started to take a real interest in rock music.

Acquaintance, friendship and love with a popular Croatian rock'n'roll singer and composer, Karlo Metikos (internationally known as Matt Collins), completely rounds off both her life and her musical direction. Karlo's experience and strong personality as an author shaped Josipa Lisac as a unique artist and a woman. Their first joint LP album from 1973, "Dnevnik jedne ljubavi" ("Diary of one love"), remains until today one of the best conceptual rock achievements in the ex-Yugoslavian and Croatian discography. Together they made around 13 LP albums and CDs, in all of which Karlo Metikos acted as an author and a producer.

CONCERT 2-2-2019

Location: De Duif, Prinsengracht 756, 1017 LD Amsterdam
City: Amsterdam

Drop in: 20.30 - 21.00
Concert: 21.00 - 22.30
Closing: 22.30 - 23.00 



Plaats De Duif
Tijd21:00 uur
Toegang Early birds: €27,50 Regular: €32,50 Door: €35
Categorie: Cultuuragenda, De Duif