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expositie - Maria Iris Arluna

31 juli - 27 augustus 2019

Elke werkdag van 09:00 - 17:00 uur is een expositie te bezoeken in de Amstelkerk. Met elke maand een nieuwe kunstenaar. In juli is het de beurt aan Maria Iris Arluna, beeldend kunstenares.

Maria Iris Arluna (Mia) Italian - Argentinian, born in Ostiglia in 1943. She has a great pictorial and cultural activity background in Argentina, a country that from the age of 8 years hosted and honored her with various awards. She attended the Fine Arts Academy of Buenos Aires with M. Belgrano (4 years), P. Pueyrredon( 3years), E. dela Carcova (4years). Her paintings are in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, USA and Italy.

The mystery of painting for Mia lies in that paste she has learned to shape, in those transparent colours she is so good at using as veils, also in layers to achieve a sense of charm and magic. Her brushstrokes at times thicken and create actua ldeposits, while some other times she dilutes theminto liquid puddles. Painting is to her a means of arousing emotions in herself and the viewers, observing and investigating them.


Plaats Amstelkerk
Tijd09:00 uur
Toegang gratis