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muziek - Maria Terremoto (Flama Festival)

29 maart 2019

Concert in het kader van het Flama Festival.

MARÍA FERNÁNDEZ BENÍTEZ, cantaora is artistically known in the Flamenco world as María Terremoto. She is a descendant of the saga of the family “Terremoto” of Jerez de la Frontera, ancestry of great masters. Granddaughter of the genius of cante Fernando Fernández Monge “Terremoto de Jerez” and daughter of the cantaor Fernando Fernández Pantoja “Fernando Terremoto”, awarded with all the possible prizes in flamenco singing and nominated in 2004 to the 'Goya' awards given by the “Academia of the Spanish Cinema “for the song he played for the film” Carmen “, by Vicente Aranda. Considered one of the clearest promises of flamenco singing of the moment, with amazing powers in continuous improvement, some of the reasons why the “Giradillo” has been awarded to the 'Revelation Artist' of the 'XIX Flamenco Biennial' of Sevilla. 29 th March, the first time that Maria Terremoto will play 'La Huella de mi sentío', her new album.


Plaats Vondelkerk
Tijd20:00 uur
Toegang € 26,25