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divers - Project Insides - The Roast of ...YOU!

27 november 2017

A personality class by Joel aan 't Goor

"You will find out things about yourself which you've never known!"

From the day you are born, your personality is created through interaction with your environment. But you are not your personality, you have a personality. Today, we mercilessly strip you of all your subconscious motivations, blind spots and pitfalls. No worries, we will also build you up again with love. ;)

We do this based on the next step in personality testing: The Project Insides Scan. Like no other way, it will map YOU in the deepest level of your psyche.
Are you looking for a special evening full of fun and practical life tips? Come alone or bring your friends! Drinks are included!

19:00 - Reception
19:30 - Start
21:30 - Drinks

(Dutch spoken)



Plaats Amstelkerk
Tijd19:30 uur
Toegang € 25,-