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divers - Project Insides - The Roast of Your Leadership

31 januari 2018

Masterclass by business administrator and psychologist Joel aan 't Goor

'Everyone has it all in them, but nobody needs to be able to do everything themselves'

What to expect:

Most successful leaders, entrepreneurs and CEO’s know their own strengths, but they surely also know what to best outsource to others. Everyone has it all in them, but nobody needs to be able to do everything themselves. This masterclass aims to uncover what you should focus on more as a leader and what you should absolutely stop doing immediately. In the best interest of both your company’s growth and yourself.

Your Return on Investment this evening = a no brainer. You get insights in:

- Your strengths and weaknesses as a leader. And the way you can harness these in a better way.
- Your deep, unconscious motivations which determine nearly everything in your life and the way you manage your business. . 
​- The way you can increase the growth of your organization with your own unique personality.

This event is for
Leaders / entrepreneurs / CEO’s / higher management. This session will be in Dutch.

Speaker Joel aan ’t Goor is business administrator and psychologist and the founder of Project Insides. He is also the CEO of Business Leaders, the largest cross-sector network of CEOs of large and medium-sized enterprises in the Netherlands and Belgium, which he founded when he was 29. His strength lies in a combination of a deep understanding of people, entrepreneurship and business. 

Reception:    19.00
Masterclass: 19.30
Drinks:         22.00

€ 156,09 (incl. BTW) - participation event
€ 867,57 (incl. BTW) - participation event + personal report + personal feedback in individual session with Joel aan 't Goor


Plaats Amstelkerk
Tijd19:30 uur
Toegang € 156,09 (incl. BTW) / € 867,57 (incl. BTW)