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7 maart - 29 maart 2019

Expositie in de Amstelkerk met werk van hedendaagse internationale kunstenaars die zich hebben laten inspireren door Spinoza. Gratis te bezoeken van maandag t/m vrijdag 09:00 - 17:00 uur.

Ground breaking 17th century Dutch philosopher, Baruch Spinoza (1632 1677), will be the subject of an exhibition opening at Amsterdam’s historic Amstelkerk and the Plein van Siena ( in March 2019.
The exhibition will feature works inspired by Spinoza’s legacy by approximately 30 contemporary, international artists.
Artworks will explore issues such as identity, immigration, nonconformity, culture, religion and spirituality.
Spinoza, whose ancestors had fled the Inquisition for the Netherlands, had a traditional Jewish upbringing, but as a young adult came to believe that human beings should live their lives guided by reason.
A brilliant introvert who did not seek to impose his ideas on others, Spinoza’s ideas nevertheless shook the world and  were considered so heretical, so deviant, that he was excommunicated for life from Amsterdam’s Jewish community.
Today he is remembered for rejecting divine transcendence in favor of rationality, concepts that paved the way for the Enlightenment.
Curatorial Team: Janet Heit is a New York-based curator and art critic known for bringing overlooked and emerging artists into the cultural mainstream.
Billha Zussman is an Amsterdam-based curator, internationally-recognized artist and works at the Jewish Historical museum.
Additional assistance is being provided by Yona Verwer and Goldie Gross of the Jewish Art Salon, the world’s largest and most-recognized Jewish visual art organization.
The exhibition will also feature an essay by professor Ori Z. Soltes, a scholar of theology and the fine arts at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.
Gallery talks with guest scholars are also being arranged.
The project was initiated by Billha Zussman in cooperation with the Jewish Art Salon.



Plaats Amstelkerk
Tijd09:00 uur
Toegang gratis