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theater - Theatergroep Park Avenue: As You Like It

25 mei - 26 mei 2019

As You Like it is een Engelstalige Shakespeare voorstelling opgevoerd door internationale theatergroep Park Avenue. Voorstellingen zijn op zaterdag 25 mei om 14:00 en 20:00 en zondag 26 mei om 14:30 in het Zonnehuis. 

“It is true that a good story doesn’t need romance or humor, but a great comedy certainly benefits from having both!” 

Park Avenue theater is a unique Amsterdam based theater group where people of a variety of nationalities and ages come together to share their talent and love for theater. 
Lead by internationally trained director Jo van der Meij they explore the worlds and characters created by history’s greatest storyteller, William Shakespeare. 
The performance is styled in a contemporary form where the audience will find themselves naturally emerged in the story due to the unique audience set-up.   

As You Like It is a comedy filled with bizarre encounters, witty pieces of text and peculiar characters that you cannot help but love. Rosalind is forced to flee after being banished by her uncle, the duke. Due to their inseparable bond, her cousin Celia decides to join her. Disguised as brother and sister, they face the dangers of the forest where they come across Orlando, the man Rosalind is head over heels in love with. Uncertain of his feelings for her, she uses her manly disguise to find out the truth. But will her plans work out, or will she lose him forever? 
Prepare for a night full of surprises as you’re submerged in the wonderful world of As You Like It. 

Tickets are €10 and can be reserved by sending an email to: 


Plaats Zonnehuis
Tijd14:00 uur
Toegang € 10,-
Categorie: Cultuuragenda, Zonnehuis