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Stadsherstel Amsterdam:
The Company for City Restoration

Since its founding, 60 years ago, Stadsherstel Amsterdam has developed into a restoration company for all kinds of monuments in an urban or rural environment. It not only restores, but also preserves these monuments in such manner, that the character of the building is left intact and that further development will not cause any damage to the architecture, or change it in any way.

Currently Stadsherstel owns more than 600 houses and some twenty larger monuments, e.g. churches and industrial monuments like pumping-stations and a shipyard. It is partly thanks to the example set by Stadsherstel, that the historic centre of Amsterdam became a very sought-after residential area.

Stadsherstel set itself three objectives:

Read our extensive brochure here.

Read more about six of our venues here:
- The Dove / De Duif
- The Posthoorn Church / Posthoornkerk 
The Amstel Church / Amstelkerk
- The Gerardus Majella Church / Gerardus Majellakerk
- The Vondel Church / De Vondelkerk
The Schellingwouderkerk / De Schellingwouderkerk

Or get in touch for other information: / 0031(0)20-5200060. You can also follow the latest developments and news at Facebook or Twitter.

De Duif and Posthoornkerk are part of UNIQUE VENUES OF AMSTERDAM. Check this link and this link for more information.

Recreating Amsterdam - an attractive colourful book on the combination of graphic design and Amsterdam architecture in detail - is for sale now. Order your copy.

Thanks to the activity of Stadsherstel Amsterdam, founded in 1956, the post-war wave of renovation not only preserved the historic city center of Amsterdam, it became in the meantime a current vibrant metropolis, in cultural and social sense. A city whose rich history still can be seen and which is attractive in this way for living, working, studying, business, and cultural recreation. Meanwhile Stadsherstel increased its working area and also advises abroad. The Stadsherstel formula is successful and an example for many heritage rescuers elsewhere in the world. That was one of the reasons to create a book which combines graphic design and Amsterdam architecture in detail.

Price: € 29,50* 
Price Friends of Stadsherstel: € 25,00*
Authors: Fred Feddes, Sonia Mangiapane (photography)
Language: English
Published: 2016
Type: Paperback
* Excluding shipping cost of € 6.95.

Order and delivery

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Pick up your copy at Stadsherstel Amsterdam
Recreating Amsterdam is also for sale at Stadsherstel’s offices in the Amstel Church on weekdays from 9 to 5 pm. Cash payment only.
Address: Amstelveld 10, 1017 JD Amsterdam.